Wood & Gas Firing

My kiln utlizes two methods of firing, wood and gas, marrying the ancient with the modern. The modern, the gas, adds an ease to the temperature rise with the use of gas burners and the ancient, the wood, adds even more heat and its flames carry the ash throughout the kiln.

The flame and heat cause the ash to melt, giving the ware its intrinsic look and feel with patinas, flashings and uneven warm colorations.

The wood also dominates in its labor because it demands time: time in gathering, cutting, storing and almost constant stoking of the kiln throughout its eighteen to twenty four hour firing cycle. The kiln uses one to one and a half cords of finely cut pine, fir and miscellaneous soft woods to help reach its 2350° Farenheit temperature for a full melt and completion.

The only glaze used on these pots is for the lining and a small amount for design and highlight decoration on the outside but most of the color this pottery wears is derived from the combination of wood and fire. There is a small amount of soda ash sprayed onto the wood to add a little bit of shine to the work.

I hope you enjoy the soft, warm colors and comfortable feel of this pottery as much as I do.

Pottery Kiln - Joel Magen